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Gold Price hike: Gold increases the tension of customers, will become more expensive now

gold price today: Today MCX has released the latent rates of gold and the newly released price of gold has increased the tension of the customers. Today gold has become beyond the reach of common people, gold rates have reached sky high. Due to increase in the rate of gold, customers will now have to pay more money from their pocket and due to increase in the rate, the sale of gold will also decrease. Let us know how much gold rates have increased.
sona ka bhav kya hai

The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: Today the latest gold rates have been released and the new gold rates have increased the tension of the people. Even today, gold has made a new record in the domestic market. There is a rise in gold prices before the wedding season. Today the price of gold reached very close to 70,000. Gold price initially opened at the level of 69,699 on Multi Commodity Exchange. 

Gold on record in global markets

If we talk about the international market, the price of gold is trading at a record level here too. The price of gold has crossed $2300 per ounce for the first time. In the last 7 days, gold prices have seen an increase of about $120. 

What are the reasons for increasing prices?

Due to increasing tension in the Middle East, the demand for safe investment is increasing a lot at this time. Due to these tensions, investors are moving towards gold. Along with this, the effect of expectations from the Federal Reserve to reduce interest rates is also visible. Due to these two global triggers, a significant boost is being seen in the prices of gold. 

How to check price?

You can also check the price of gold sitting at your home. According to Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association, you can check the price just by giving a missed call on number 8955664433. Your message will be received on the same number from which you message. 

Gold rates are issued by both IBJA and Multi Commodity Exchange. These rates are issued according to different purity. Taxes and making charges are not included in these prices of gold. You get gold jewelery in the market only after tax and making charges are levied on these prices.