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Extramarital affair: Woman was in a closed room with tenant, mother-in-law saw everything

Love affair: It is very important to have love in the relationship between husband and wife and without it, their relationship starts to fade. Here a woman had an affair with her tenant and both of them used to come close to each other whenever they saw the opportunity. One day the woman's mother-in-law saw both of them together in the room, what is this matter, let us know in detail below what is the whole story of the woman. 

extra mertial affair

The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: A married woman has told about her married life. The woman says that she is having an affair with her tenant. When the woman and her tenant were having sex, suddenly her mother-in-law came into the room. The woman is facing problems after the mother-in-law came to know about the illicit relationship but still did not say anything.

Question: I am a married woman. I have been married for only a few years. But my problem is that I don't love my husband at all. Actually, I am living a marriage in which there is everything except love. Same is the case with my husband. They don't care about me. This is also the reason why I got into a relationship with my tenant. I am having an affair with my tenant. We both were having a good time with each other when suddenly my mother-in-law came to know about our illicit relationship.

In fact, they became suspicious of me when I stopped visiting my in-laws' house completely. The thing is that I live in a different city with my husband. My in-laws do not live with us. I had stopped going to my in-laws' house for a long time but my husband used to go to meet his parents every weekend. My mother-in-law asked me about this many times but every time I avoided her by making some excuse or the other. Recently it happened that my mother-in-law suddenly came to meet me.

He saw me having sex with his tenant. During this time I could not say anything to him. He also hasn't told me anything yet. But their silence is making me feel very scared. I don't know what she will do with me. I don't want this marriage to end. This is because my affair was only to fill the void in my life, which my husband was not able to fill even if he wanted to.