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Extramarital affair: While the husband lived outside, the wife had an affair with the brother-in-law, ran away with the jewelery along with the children

Extramarital affair: A man has to earn to run the house and if he does not get work in his city then he has to go out, here when the husband went out to earn, his wife had an affair with his elder brother behind his back and Getting the opportunity, both of them ran away from home. What is this matter, let us know in details 

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The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: The mother of two children, resident of Munger, Bihar, fell in love with her own brother-in-law. The husband used to work as a laborer living in Mumbai. 

Here, the woman ran away with her lover brother-in-law, taking all the jewelery and jewelery from the house. The woman's husband has made these allegations by giving a written application in the police station. 

The matter pertains to Makwa village of Asarganj police station area under the district. The husband says that both of them were in a relationship for the last two years. They got married in the year 2007. The husband has appealed to the police for recovery.

The brother-in-law also has four children

 It is said that the woman broke all social ties and ran away with Kailash Sah. She also took her two children with her, after which the victim's husband Tripurari Shah has filed an application in the Asarganj police station to take his wife away. Tripurari was married to Narmada, daughter of Shikari Shah, resident of Raghunathpur under Begusarai district, in 2007. 

After marriage she had two children. Tripurari Shah used to work as a laborer while staying in Mumbai and also used to send money to his home in Munger. 

Due to which his wife and children were able to survive. During this time, Narmada fell in love with Kailash, the father of four children who was her neighbor's cousin. 

Absconded from home on 22 January

Here, love was growing between the two and they used to talk to each other on the phone for hours. Tripurari also became aware of this. There was an altercation between the two regarding the matter. Their love became so intense that four days ago on January 22, both of them ran away from home. 

Narmada also took both the children with her. When Tripurari reached home after getting information about the matter, the entire house was lying empty. 

The jewelery received at the wedding was also missing, after which a written application was given by the victim's husband in Asarganj police station against four people including Kailash, accusing his wife of running away.

Husband Tripurari told that for almost two years my wife used to talk to the neighbor Kailash Shah on phone, due to which there were frequent fights in the house. The woman ran away with her lover along with all the jewelery and money that was in the house. 

Even the rice, pulses, wheat and clothes kept in the house have not been spared. Said that he lives in Mumbai and works as a labourer. 

On 23rd he came to know that his wife had eloped with Kailash Sah. Even before this, a Panchayat was held by intellectuals and public representatives regarding the matter. At present the matter is with the police which is being investigated.