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Electricity Price Hike: 30 lakh electricity consumers will get a big shock, electricity will become expensive after 6 days

Electricity Price Increase: Recently an update is coming out due to which 30 lakh electricity consumers of this state are going to get a big shock. With many rules and things changing from May 1, electricity is also going to become expensive. In such a situation, let us know what is the rate of 1 unit in your state... 

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Breaking News, Digital Desk: Electricity Price Increase- Electricity is going to become expensive from May 1... Yes, you have heard it right. Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has given permission to the company to charge fuel surcharge in electricity bills, due to which electricity is going to become expensive. This increase in Adani's bills will continue from May to August for recovery of Fuel Adjustment Fee (FAC). This permission has been given by MERC. 

Now these customers will have to pay FAC

Let us tell you that a proposal was sent to increase the fuel surcharge from 70 paise to Rs 1.70 per unit (1 unit electricity rate). Experts believe that the prices of fuel used for electricity production keep changing from time to time, which has a direct impact on the fuel adjustment fee. Customers also have to pay the cost of this fuel adjustment fee. 

Know why this charge is being levied?

On Monday, the commission approved this proposal and asked to implement the new rates. Let us tell you that the increased prices will be charged from customers as fuel surcharge from May 2024 to August 2024. 

Fuel surcharge will be levied on commercial, industrial and other customers according to their consumption. About Rs 318 crore will be recovered from customers as fuel adjustment fees. 

New electricity rates from the month of May-

>> 0-100 units – 70 paise per unit 

>> Upto 101-300 units – 1.10 paise per unit 

>> Upto 301-500 units – 1.50 paise per unit 

>> More than 500 units – 1.70 paise per unit