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Delhi's Mausam: There will be rain with strong wind in Delhi, IMD issued bulletin

Delhi mausam update - The weather pattern is going to change in Delhi. It has been extremely hot for the past several days. The temperature is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, clouds are visible in the sky since yesterday. According to the Meteorological Department, there may be rain with strong winds in Delhi today. Let us know in the news below how the weather will be in the coming days- 

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The weather of Delhi is going to change once again. People remained troubled by the heat in the capital on Thursday. Within just 24 hours, the temperature of Delhi saw an increase of four degrees. 

At the same time, India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted rain with strong wind on Friday due to the effect of western disturbance. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for rain and strong winds on Friday. Light rain may occur due to western disturbance.

There was slight drizzle at some places along with strong winds in Delhi on Wednesday night, but from Thursday morning onwards the strong sunlight increased the problems of the people. 

The maximum temperature in Delhi was 35.1 degrees on Wednesday, which reached 39.2 degrees on Thursday. Apart from this, the temperature remained more than 40 degrees in Ridge, Najafgarh, Pitampura, Pusa and Sports Complex. The minimum temperature was recorded at 20.9 which is one degree below normal. 

According to the weather department (mausam update), there will be rain with strong winds in Delhi on Friday. Due to this, there will be a decrease of two to three degrees in temperature. The wind speed can be 20 to 30 kilometers per hour. Light drizzle may be seen on Monday also.

An official of the Meteorological Department said, 'The effect of western disturbance will be visible in Delhi-NCR. Strong winds are expected in the early hours or throughout the day on Friday. There is also a possibility of light rain in the capital, which will provide slight coolness. 

No rain is expected on Saturday and Sunday but there may be wind during the weekend. IMD has predicted cloudy sky. During this period, the maximum temperature is likely to be between 36 degrees and 37 degrees Celsius.

Directorate should avoid organizing school in afternoon shift

Due to the rising temperature in Delhi, guidelines have been issued to school students to protect themselves from heat. The School Branch (Health) of the Directorate of Education has issued a circular regarding this. 

In this, schools have been instructed to take many other steps including making students aware about heat protection. Also said that school students should avoid organizing meetings in the afternoon shift.