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Customers made this electric scooter number 1, so many units are being sold every month

The market of electric vehicles is increasing and today people are leaving petrol bikes and buying electric scooters and these scooters have become the first choice of the customers. Customers have made these scooters number 1 in terms of sales. Let us know about them. 

electric bike

The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: The demand for electric vehicles is continuously increasing in the Indian market. Last month, the electric two-wheeler segment has seen tremendous growth. 

Companies like Ola and Ather are in high demand in the market. Ola led the segment with sales of 32,252 units last month, which is more than 18,353 units sold in January 2023. 

Ather Electric sales saw a marginal improvement with 9,247 units sold last month compared to 9,227 units sold in January 2023.

Piaggio and Greaves sales

Piaggio recorded the lowest sales growth in January 2024, rising to 3,139 units from 3,129 units sold in January 2023. At the same time, sales of Greaves Electric increased to 2,352 units. 

Its market share increased from 0.01 per cent to 0.16 per cent in the last month from just 87 units sold in January 2023.

bigos auto sales

Bigas Auto has also seen rising demand with 1,485 units sold in January 2024 compared to 716 units sold in January 2023. 

There were other two-wheeler OEMs in India, including electric vehicle makers, who have seen total sales of 9,886 units in January 2024.