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Bihar news: Even after love marriage, the boy was going to marry for the second time, wife reached the pavilion

Love affair: The world of people immersed in love is different, sometimes they get happiness by meeting their lover and sometimes their colorful life becomes black and white due to his cheating. Something similar happened with this girl too. The boy with whom she had married for love betrayed her and got ready to have sex with someone else. Let us know in details what is this matter 

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The Kalamar News, New Delhi: A new story of love has come to light from Kaimur district. On Monday, a girl from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh has filed an application against her lover in Mohania police station. Her lover was going to marry another girl. The wedding procession was scheduled to take place on Monday. The girl got the marriage stopped with the help of the police. 

Bihar boy cheats with UP girl

The girl says that both of them had a love relationship for many years. Both of them had married and were living together. The young man continued to have a relationship with her for four years. 

Then suddenly he left her and ran away. The victim reached her husband's house crying, but no one was ready to listen to her. 

In such a situation, she has reached Mohania police station pleading for justice. While giving information, the girl, resident of Ghazipur, UP, said that Munna Paswan, resident of Mohania, used to come to Ghazipur. His aunt's house is there so he used to come and go regularly. 

Love story started by recharging mobile

The girl said that she had given him her number and money to put money in her mobile. After that he started calling the number and while talking, both of them fell in love. 

They went out together many times and were also in a relationship. After that both of them got married in court. Said that the boy was also living in a relationship with me for three-four years. Married me two years ago. Now he is cheating on me and getting married somewhere else. I will not let this happen. 

The boy's father said - the son will have two wives.  

The girl said that her father is saying that his son will have two wives. Will keep you and him too. I want him to come in front of me and accept this. 

The girl said that she was defamed in her village. His mother and sister used to come and beat me also. Even after this he is cheating on me.

I have come to the police station to plead for justice. Let us tell you that as per the application of the girl, the lover was detained by Mohania police. The boy could not get married again. The wedding procession did not go. Both were present in the police station.