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Bank Holiday: Banks will remain closed for 3 days on Holi, banks will open on this Sunday in March, RBI gave instructions

Holi Bank Holiday 2024 – A big update has come out for bank customers. Today is the 21st of the month of March and the festival of Holi is going to come soon. In such a situation, if you have any work related to the bank, then get it done immediately. Because banks are going to be closed for three days on Holi. Let us know in detail in the news below on which days the banks will remain closed- 

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The Kalamkar News (Bureau). If you have any bank related work then get it done immediately. Holi festival is coming next week. There will be several days of bank holiday (Holi Bank Holiday 2024) during Holi. Holi is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country. During Holi, there will be a holiday in banks in many states between March 22 and March 29. Holi festival will be celebrated in the country on 25 March. 

Before this, there will be a bank holiday on the second Saturday and Sunday. Your work may get stuck due to bank holidays. Here we are going to give you the complete list of bank holidays this month. So that you do not face any kind of problem. There will be bank holidays for about three days during Holi. Let us tell you on which days there will be holidays in banks during Holi.

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Banks will remain closed for three days on Holi- 

According to the RBI calendar, there will be a holiday in banks in Bihar on March 22 due to Bihar Day. After this, due to the fourth Saturday on March 23, there will be a holiday in banks across the country. Banks are going to remain closed on 24th March on Sunday holiday. Banks are going to remain closed in different states on March 25, 26 and 27 due to Holi. In such a situation, there will be a holiday in banks from March 22 to March 29 in different states of the country.

Banks will remain closed on this day- 

Banks will remain closed in Bihar on 22 March 2024 due to Bihar Day,
on 23 March 2024 on the fourth Saturday,
on 24 March 2024 and on Sunday
25 March 2024 on Holi in the entire country except Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Imphal, Kochi, Kohima, Srinagar and Trivandrum. Bank closed
on 26 March 2024 on the occasion of Yaosang Day. There will be a holiday in banks in Bhopal, Imphal.
29 March 2024- Bank closed in many states due to Good Friday.

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Banks will open this Sunday

This month i.e. in March, banks are going to remain open on Sunday, 31st. The Reserve Bank of India has directed to open branches for government work on March 31. All the banks under RBI are going to be open to the public on this day. Actually this is the last day of the current financial year.