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A 15.5 km elevated road will be built from Gaimukh to here in Mumbai, the cost will be 20 thousand crores

Mumbai News: A 15.5 km long road will be built from Gaimukh to Bhaidar in Mumbai, the largest city in India, the Mumbai Development Authority has approved the road project.

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Mumbai Traffic News: Being a big city, Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, has heavy traffic. To solve the traffic problem on Ghodbunder Road, Mumbai city will build a new 15.5 km long road from Gaimukh to Bhaidar. 

With the construction of this new road at Ghodbunder, vehicles going from Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Bhiwandi to Gujarat and Rajasthan will get direct benefit and they will not have to get stuck in traffic jams. With the construction of this road, the traffic of the city will improve and the city will be jam-free with this project.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority has decided to build a new road from Gaimukh to Bhaidar, the length of this road will be 15.5 km, this road construction will include 10 km elevated road and 3.5 km underpass, according to Mumbai Development Authority official, the work of this new road has been divided into two phases.

The construction of this new road will be divided into two phases, in the first phase a 5.5 km long road will be built between Gaimukh and Fountain Hotel, due to mountains and Sanjay National Gandhi Park near Gaimukh, 3.5 km long route will be built in underground tunnel and 2 km will be a normal road. 

In the second phase of this project, a 10 km elevated road will be constructed from Fountain Hotel to Gaimukh, this elevated road will be above the existing highway, in which the elevated road will be four lane and there will be 3 lanes inside the tunnel.

This project has been approved in the recent meeting, an amount of Rs 20,000 crore will be spent in the construction work of this project, after the approval of this project, a plan has been prepared to prepare an alternative route of Ghodbunder Road.

It will be easier to reach the suburbs

MMRDA has been planning to make the entire Ghodbunder Road traffic free for the last few years. Before making the route from Gaimukh to Bhayander easier, MMRDA has already prepared a plan for the coastal road in Thane. 

The Thane coastal road will be between Balkumbh and Gaimukh. After the approval of the new project, an alternative route will be available to the drivers between Balkumbh and Fountain Hotel and from there to Bhayander. 

At the same time, the construction of the 11.8 km long twin tunnel project to reach Borivali directly from Ghodbunder Road is also going to start soon. The twin tunnel project has been given to Megha Engineering. It will be possible to reach Eastern Express Highway from Western Express Highway through a 3-lane tunnel.