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Yogi-Modi looking at the dark hair form of Ram Lalla, Kush's ring in their hands, know why it has special significance

Ramlala Prana Pratishtha: Ramlala's life has been formally consecrated in Ayodhya. During Pran Pratistha Puja, PM Modi and Yogi are wearing Kush rings in their hands. Let us know what special significance it has in worship. 

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The Kalamkar News, India Kusha Grass Ring In PM Modi-Yogi Finger: The moment which every Hindu Indian was waiting for for 500 years has arrived today. 

The idol of Ramlala was installed in the newly built Ram temple of Ayodhya with due rituals and today it will be consecrated and opened to the common people for darshan. 

Let us tell you that Prime Minister Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi were mainly seen in the life consecration program of Ram Lalla. 

During the puja, PM Modi and Yogi are wearing kush grass rings in their hands. While looking at the idol of Ramlala, this Kush grass ring is visible in the hands of both of them. 

In such a situation, this question is coming in everyone's mind that why Kush's ring is worn during the puja and what is its religious significance. So let us know the importance of Kush ring in puja. 

Religious significance of Kush grass 

According to astrology, Kush grass is used in worship activities. At the same time, in any religious worship, Kusha's seat is spread. 

It is believed that if mantras are chanted while sitting on a seat made of Kush grass, then those mantras become proven. Additionally, it is also said that Kush grass is used to purify the polluted environment. 

Know the importance of Kush grass

According to the scriptures, Kush grass is used in religious activities, Shraddha and Tarpan etc. It is believed that Kush is used in many religious functions of Hindus. At the same time, it is also used in medicines etc. 

On which finger do you wear Kush's ring?

According to astrology, a ring made of Kush grass is worn on the ring finger. By wearing it one gets the blessings of Sun God. Due to this the person gets fame and glory. Along with this, if you are holding Kush in your hand, then the person does not face any evil eye. 

How many types of kush grass are there? 

Many types of Kush have been mentioned in the scriptures. Kusha grass is used for religious rituals. There are 10 types of Kusha grass – Kasha, Yava, Durva, Ushir, Sakund, Godhuma, Brahmyo, Maunja, Dash, Darbha. Whatever grass is available can be used for puja.