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Why did King Janak put the condition of Shiva's bow for Sita ji's swayamvara?

Ram Sita Vivah: King Janak had set a condition for his daughter Sita to tie a string to Lord Shiva's bow during her swayamvara. After winning this, Lord Ram married Sita ji. Do you know why King Janak had put this condition?

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The Kalamkar News, Sita Ji Swayamvar: There are many interesting incidents in Ramayana, one of which is the incident of marriage of Ram and Sita. 

This incident is played very beautifully in Ramlila. Most of the people know about this incident that King Janak had arranged a marriage ceremony for his daughter Sita, who would marry Sita ji only to the glorious king who would win her. 

For this, a string had to be placed on the bow of Lord Shiva. But this bow was so heavy that it was very difficult to lift it, let alone string it. This bow could not be lifted even by very powerful kings. 

Why only the condition of Shiv Dhanush?   

Impressed by the qualities and beauty of Goddess Sita, all the kings wanted to marry her. In such a situation, it was very difficult for father Raja Janak to choose a suitable groom for Sita ji. Then he held a Swayamvar and put a condition in it to put a string on Shiva's bow. 

After all, why did King Janak set such a condition?

According to a religious legend, during her childhood, Goddess Sita was cleaning the shrine built in her palace. Lord Shiva's bow was also kept at the place of worship. While cleaning, Goddess Sita picked up the bow in one hand and kept cleaning with the other. At the same time King Dashrath came there.

Once Sita ji, while cleaning the place of worship, lifted this heavy bow with one hand. King Janak was stunned to see this. He had then decided that whichever brave man would string this bow would be Sita's groom.

Lord Ram broke the bow 

At the time of Sita Swayamvar, Lord Ram and Lakshman along with Maharishi Vishwamitra had also come to Janakpuri. To fulfill the condition of swayamvara, Lord Ram easily lifted the bow of Lord Shiva, Pinaki, and when he tried to string it, it broke. Seeing this, all the people were stunned and Sita ji put the garland around the neck of Lord Ram. 

Why was Lord Ram successful in lifting the bow? 

In fact, all the kings who came to Swayamvar were trying to lift the bow with their own strength. Whereas Lord Ram first bowed to Lord Shiva's bow and then, like Goddess Sita, tried to lift the bow with a very natural and humble gesture. His feeling was successful and he was able to lift the bow easily.