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Wheat Purchase In Haryana: Big update for farmers, sale of wheat will start in the markets of Haryana from this day

Wheat Purchase: According to the recent information received regarding the purchase and sale of wheat, let us tell you that the sale of wheat is going to start soon in the markets of Haryana. Farmers should start the necessary work regarding this soon so that later they do not have to face any difficulty at the time of wheat purchasing price. Let us know when the sale of wheat is starting and when will it pick up pace...

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The Kalamkar News, Digital Desk:  Procurement of wheat at MSP (wheat MSP Price) has started in many states of the country. The arrival of wheat has also started in the grain markets of Karnal district of Haryana state. 

In the last two days, 273 metric tonnes of wheat has been procured by HAFED. Procurement agencies, which are gearing up for the procurement season, are expecting good arrivals in different grain markets in a day or two. The arrival of wheat has started in the grain markets of the district.

Let us tell you that as soon as the wheat crop is ripe, farmers have started reaching the grain markets of Ambala and Kurukshetra with their produce. 

However, arrivals are expected to remain sluggish for the next few days. Officials of the Agriculture Department and Agricultural Marketing Board believe that the season will be in full swing only after April 14. 

Farmer Bhupinder Singh of Langar Channi village, who reached Ambala Cantonment Grain Market, said, “There has been a delay in harvesting due to the weather. The yield is looking good and I have sold my two-acre produce to a government agency.

For information, let us tell you that apart from government agencies, private traders are also buying stocks in grain markets. Shahabad Grain Market Committee Secretary Krishna Kumar Malik said, “So far, more than 300 tonnes of wheat stock has arrived in the grain market, out of which 157 tonnes have been purchased. We are expecting more arrivals this year.

Know what the statistics say?

According to the data released, till Tuesday evening, more than 2,076 tonnes of wheat has been received by government agencies in different grain markets of Ambala district , out of which 850 tonnes have been purchased, while in Kurukshetra The arrival in the district was more than 1,266 tonnes, out of which 316 tonnes have been purchased. 

Ambala Deputy Director of Agriculture Dr. Jaswinder Saini said, “At present, manual harvesting has started and combine machines have not yet come to the fields.

This year, harvesting has been delayed due to long winter and low temperatures. According to reports from farmers, the crop is looking good and harvesting is expected to pick up pace after April 14.

Recently, Rajiv Chaudhary , District Marketing Enforcement Officer of Ambala and Kurukshetra , said, "Farmers have started reaching the grain markets from Monday, but till now the arrival is slow and after April 14, it will increase." . Government procurement agencies have started purchasing.

The quality of the incoming stock is good but the moisture content is high. Farmers are advised to bring their produce dried and cleaned so that they do not have to wait to sell their produce. All arrangements have been made to ensure a smooth procurement season.”