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UP Railways: Vande Bharat sleeper train will soon run on this route between these 2 cities, know how much will be the fare

UP Railways: There is a big news for the people of UP. Let us tell you that the country's first Vande Bharat sleeper train is going to run in UP. But this train will soon run on this route between these 2 cities of UP. The fare for passengers in this will be this much. Let's know the complete information about this train in the news-
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The Kalamkar News, Digital Desk- New Delhi: After the success of Vande Bharat Express trains, now the country's first Vande Bharat Sleeper train will soon run on the tracks. Vande Bharat Express running in different parts of the country is popular among passengers for its speed and modern facilities, but due to being a chair car, passengers face difficulty in travelling long distances.

To overcome this problem, the railways decided to launch the Vande Bharat train with sleeper coach. Soon you will see the Vande Bharat train with sleeper coach running on the tracks. 

Vande Bharat sleeper train will run first between these two cities -

According to media reports, Uttar Pradesh may get the first Vande Bharat sleeper train. There are plans to run the sleeper Vande Bharat train between Agra and Gorakhpur. It is believed that this train may be flagged off during the Lok Sabha elections.

The North Eastern Railway has prepared a proposal for this train. Initially, this train is likely to run from Gorakhpur to Agar, while later its route can be extended to Delhi. 

What is the preparation of the Railways?  

Speaking to the media, Krishna Gautam, member of the Advisory Committee of North-East Railway, said that full preparations are being made by the Railways to flag off the Sleeper Vande Bharat train. 

The proposal has been sent by the Advisory Committee, which has also been approved by the General Manager of North East Railway, Gorakhpur. He said that the schedule and time table of Sleeper Vande Bharat will be discussed in the Indian Railway Time Table Committee meeting to be held in Jaipur from 10 to 12 April.   

When will the time table come-

It is believed that the time table of Vande Bharat Sleeper Train can be discussed in the meeting to be held in Jaipur from 10 to 12 April.

According to the proposal, Agra Fort-Gorakhpur Vande Bharat will run 6 days a week. This train will cover the distance from Gorakhpur to Agra in about 10 hours.

Avadh Express running from Gorakhpur to Agra takes 13 hours to cover this distance. In such a situation, the introduction of Sleeper Vande Bharat train will also save your time.

According to the proposed timetable, it will leave from Gorakhpur and reach Agra Fort via Lucknow-Aishbagh-Kanpur. Train number 22583 will leave from Gorakhpur at 7 pm and reach Agra Fort at 5 am. Train 22584 will leave from Agra at 7 pm and reach Gorakhpur at 5 am.  

How much will be the fare of Vande Bharat sleeper coach - 

The route, fare and timing of this train has not been revealed yet. It is believed that it will be decided in such a way that even the poor can travel. By making some changes in the seats and berths of the train, it has been made comfortable for the passengers. People are eagerly waiting for this train.