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UP News: Husband's secret revealed after marriage, wife was shocked, then took this step

up news: Marriage is a bond of 7 births which is considered to be the most sacred bond in the world but sometimes this bond of marriage becomes a problem for someone else. 

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The Kalamkar News, Something similar happened with them. After marriage, the woman came to know such a secret of her husband that the ground went out from under her feet and then the woman took this big decision. Let us know what this matter is 

New Delhi: A surprising case has come to light from Fatehpur district of UP (up news). Here the family members hid the fact that the young man was gay and got him married to a woman in the greed of dowry.

When the woman complained about this to her family members, her in-laws beat her up. On the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case against five people including her husband under sections other than dowry harassment. 

Let us tell you that in the complaint letter given to the police, a woman resident of Kasba of Khaga Kotwali area told that on May 29, 2021, she was married to Manish Kumar Jaiswal, son of Surendra Kumar Jaiswal of Sadar Kotwali area. The woman's father had spent Rs 34 lakh in cash along with donations, dowry and other expenses on the marriage. 

But the behavior of the in-laws was not good with the woman who reached her in-laws' house after leaving. The woman alleges that her husband did not even give her marital happiness. The woman came to her parents' home and informed her parents about this. On this the parents said everything will be fine. 

The in-laws who came from her maternal home also assured the woman that she should not worry, everything will be fine and took her to her in-laws house. 

It is alleged that during this time, mother-in-law Gyanwati, father-in-law Surendra and brother-in-law Mukesh abused and assaulted the woman. 

I'm not okay, divorce me

The woman, who reached her in-laws' house, informed her husband Manish about the incident that happened on the way. After which Manish cried and said that I have cheated on you, you divorce me. 

I have married you under the pressure of my family and uncle Amritlal. Revealing his truth, Manish said that he is gay. The woman was surprised to hear this. 

When she asked to tell this to her family members, the above mentioned in-laws abused the woman and beat her with a belt. After which the woman returned to her maternal home with her brother. 

At the same time, on the complaint of the woman, the police has started investigating the matter by registering a case against five people including her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and her maternal uncle under dowry harassment and assault along with other relevant sections.