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Smartphone manufacturing company will launch an electric car with a range of 800 kilometers, know the price and features

Xiaomi Electric Car Launch Date - The demand for electric cars is increasing rapidly in the Indian car market. Many big companies are launching EV cars every day. Recently, smartphone maker Xiaomi (Xiaomi Ev) is soon going to launch an EV car in the market with a range of 800 kilometers. This EV car will be equipped with many advanced features. Let us know the complete details of the car's price and features in the news below...

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The Kalamkar News (Bureau). Xiaomi, a tech company that makes smartphones and home devices, is preparing to launch its first electric car very soon. 

The company will enter the electric vehicle market with its first electric car SU7. The company has revealed the concept model of this car at the 2024 Mobile World Congress going on in Barcelona. The company had also presented it to the audience in China in December last year.

According to the company, this car is an electric sports sedan whose design is inspired by the McLaren 720S. The sedan has sleek headlights and LED DRLs, while at the rear, there are sleek wraparound taillights connected by an LED strip, giving it a high-tech look. 

Higher variants of the car will include active rear wing and lidar sensors. Apart from this, it will also have the option of 19 and 20 inch wheels.

Minimal design will be available in the cabin

The company is using minimal design elements in the cabin of this electric car, that is, the car will be given a simple look and design from inside. 

All types of consoles in the cabin can be provided with touch sensors. A large infotainment screen can also be provided inside the car.

What will be the range?

The SU7 will offer a variety of battery pack options, including a standard 73.6 kWh battery pack with a range of 668 Km and a 101 kWh battery pack option with a range of 800 Km. The top speed of this electric sedan is said to be 265 kmph. 

The customer will have the option to choose rear-wheel drive with 299 PS motor or 673 PS dual-motor all-wheel drivetrain in this car.

While Xiaomi has won praise for its affordable smartphones and gadgets, the company aims to position the SU7 in the premium segment by challenging established players like Porsche. The success of this ambitious effort in the competitive Chinese market remains to be seen.