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Roti Making Tips: Baking roti on direct gas flame can harm your life

Roti Making Tips: Who does not like to eat hot roti right off the pan, but if you bake the roti directly on gas flame then it can be harmful for your health. Yes, this has been claimed in the research. Let us know about this loss.

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The KalamkarNews, Digital Desk - Bread is a very important part of our diet. If there is no bread in the plate then the food seems incomplete. At the same time, the method of cooking bread of some people is also different. Some people eat it after roasting it on a pan, while others prefer to cook it directly on gas flame instead of baking it. This makes the roti quick and fluffy and also saves time. But this habit of yours can cost you dearly. As soon as roti comes in direct contact with gas flame, it becomes dangerous for you. Today in this article we will know what harm can be caused to your health by cooking roti in this way (Roti on direct gas flame).  Are.

What does the new study say?

According to a recent research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, gas stoves emit such air pollutants which are dangerous for health. WHO has also agreed with this. These pollutants are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide which pose a risk of respiratory and heart diseases. Not only this, the possibility  of cancer  increases.

According to another research published in Nutrition and Cancer Journal, cooking food on high flame can produce carcinogens which are not considered good for the body parts. Let us tell you that wheat flour contains a certain level of natural sugar and It contains protein which, if heated directly, can produce carcinogenic substances, which is not at all safe for the human body. Although more research is needed on this, but if we look at the research so far, it can directly produce gas. Eating bread  baked in direct contact with gas  can be harmful to health, hence it is better not to make such a mistake considering the health.

Make roti on pan like this

In olden times, while cooking roti, people used to press the roti kept on the pan with a cotton cloth and rotate it all around and cook it. Due to this, the roti gets cooked from all sides and it does not have to be kept directly on the gas flame. .This  is the safest way to bake bread .

What is carcinogenic? 

Carcinogenic ( what is carcinogenic)  is a substance or thing that can cause cancer, by affecting genes or by causing damage to normal cells so  that they turn into cancer cells. Cancer itself occurs when A cell grows quickly and aggressively