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Know these rules before paying toll tax, in this situation toll will not be charged

NHAI Guidelines: Some rules regarding toll plazas are decided by the National Highway Authority of India. Under these rules, toll tax is collected from the people passing through the highway. As per the instructions of NHAI, the queues of vehicles at the toll plaza should not exceed 100 meters. Let us know in which situations no toll tax has to be paid.

toll tax rules

The Kalamkar News: Whenever you cross the border of your city i.e. go from one place to another, you have to pass through toll. For this, every vehicle has to pay tax at the toll plaza. But the National Highway Authority of India has made some rules due to which you do not have to pay any tax. Actually, till some time ago there used to be a lot of crowd at the toll plaza, and people had a lot of trouble in crossing the plaza.

To get rid of this problem, the government had started the Fastag system. Apart from this, as per the instructions of NHAI, the service time per vehicle at all toll plazas should not be more than 10 seconds. This rule will be applicable even during peak hours.

That means if a vehicle is stopped at toll for more than 10 seconds or the service time is more than this, then you do not have to pay any tax. Service time means the time in which the car will be allowed to proceed from the plaza after collecting toll tax. Let us know about this rule in detail…

Know what the rules say

For your information, let us tell you that according to the order of the National Highway Authority of May 2021, if a vehicle takes more than 10 seconds of waiting time to move ahead after deducting the toll at the toll plaza located on the National Highway. So it can be done without paying toll tax. Apart from this, if there is a queue of vehicles more than 100 meters long at the toll plaza, then the vehicles will be allowed to pass without paying toll till the queue reaches within 100 meters of the toll booth. 

According to NHAI, there should be a yellow stripe at a distance of 100 meters from every toll booth. If there is still a line more than 100 meters long at any toll. Vehicles will be able to move without paying toll. Let us tell you that 100 percent cashless transactions at toll have been implemented from February 2021.

NHAI made rules

It was often seen that people faced a lot of difficulty in crossing the toll plaza, due to which the Central Government had made the Fastag system mandatory. In this regard, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) made several rules, the purpose of which was to implement the Fastag system in a better way. Two special things happened due to the Fashtag system, one was that the toll tax collection increased and second, the crowding at the toll plaza was reduced. After Fastag becomes mandatory, tax is collected through it only.