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Jodhpur Mandi: Increase in production, decline in prices of cumin and fennel

Rajasthan News: This year also farmers will get high prices for cumin and fennel. Keeping this in mind, farmers got many times more Rabi yield by sowing fennel and cumin seeds this year.

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The Kalamkar News (Jodhpur Mandi Bhav): This year farmers will get higher prices for cumin (Jeera Bhav) and fennel. Keeping this in mind, farmers obtained many times more Rabi yield by sowing fennel and cumin seeds this year. This time, due to favorable weather, the yield was also bumper. When farmers are now bringing this produce to the market, they are not getting even half the price compared to last year.

Farmers are disappointed with this. The situation of the traders is that due to the stoppage of export of jeans like cumin and sof, there is less interest in purchasing. In such a situation, many farmers have started taking back the produce they had brought to sell in the market like last year. 

Last year, good quality cumin was sold in the market at Rs 72 thousand per quintal, fennel at Rs 45 thousand and Raida at Rs 5500 per quintal, but this time good quality cumin was not sold above Rs 34 thousand. Raida is being sold for Rs 20 thousand per quintal and fennel for Rs 4700 per quintal. Firstly, farmers got good produce and a lot of expenditure was incurred on it.

Weak buying in Gujarat market also

Bharat Bhai Modi, a famous businessman of Unjha Mandi, said that the condition of fennel and cumin is almost the same there. He says that new dry fennel is available at the cost of Rs 120 to 220 per kg. In Rajasthan it is Rs 110 to 170 per kg. 

They say that this time fennel has been sown on one lakh hectare land in Gujarat, whereas last year it was sown on 45 thousand hectare land. Last year, sof was sown on 30 thousand hectares of land in Rajasthan, but this time sof has been sown on 45 hectares of land. Especially this year there has been a huge decline in exports. Even now there is less possibility of increase in exports.

Highest production of cumin in Rajasthan

This year, cumin was sown in 5.79 lakh hectares in the state, the agriculture department said. Jodhpur district has quickly gained recognition in cumin production. 

This time a record 1.42 lakh hectare cumin has been sown. At present 5.68 lakh tonnes of cumin is estimated to be produced. Baka Bhai Patel, Gujarat's largest cumin purchasing trader, says that due to bumper sowing and bumper production, purchasing has slowed down here.

Apart from this, exports have also decreased. Suresh Bhai Patel, another trader, says it is not certain when exports will pick up this time and it is not better to make idle purchases in the hope of increasing exports. Trade analysts say that the domestic market price of cumin is likely to remain soft in the near future due to weak export performance.