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Horns of vehicles will not be heard on Delhi - Mumbai Expressway Link Road, this technology is being installed

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road: There will be no problem with the honking of vehicles on Mumbai Expressway Link Road. Sound barriers are being installed on elevated roads, which will provide some relief from this problem. These elevated roads are in Sector 8 to 9 of Faridabad.

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The Kalamkar: If your house is near the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road and you are worried that the noise and horns of passing vehicles day and night will disturb you, then there is good news for you. Sound barriers have been installed on its elevated road. 

Your house should remain away from loud noise of vehicles. At the same time, the work of this project is in the final stage. The BPTPP bridge should now have a girder over two pillars. Where the girders have been laid, linters are being installed and a tar road is being built. This part will be completely ready in about two to three months.

Note that the bypass road in Faridabad itself is being made Delhi-Mumbai Expressway link road. Flyovers and underpasses are being built on main roads. Elevated road is being built at two places. There is an elevated road from Sector-14 to Sector-8 and Nine dividing roads. 

Now its work is in the final stage. This work is near BPTP intersection. Officials are announcing that this work will be completed soon. A tar road is being built where the work of placing girders and installing linters has been completed. Sound barriers are also being installed.

Will open for traffic soon

Approach roads are also being built on both sides of the elevated road. NHAI officials said the work on the elevated road has been completed. This part will be opened for traffic after completing the remaining work soon.