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Gold Silver Price Today: After continuous rise, gold and silver prices slipped slightly, check new rates

Gold Silver Price Today: There has been a continuous rise in the prices of gold and silver for the last several days. If we talk about today's latest prices of gold and silver, then at present there is a slight decline in them. Let us tell you that like the domestic market, softening of gold and silver rates is also being seen on COMEX. Let us know today's latest price of 10 grams...

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The Kalamkar News, Digital Desk: On Friday, the fifth day of the week, a slight change is being seen in the price of gold (Gold Rate Today) in most of the cities of the country , today a slight decline is being seen in the price of gold, If you are also planning to buy gold and silver. So do know its latest rates. After making record high, correction is being seen in the bullion market. The price of gold and silver has fallen on MCX. 

Let us tell you that there is a decline in both on COMEX. Apart from profit booking, there is also pressure due to strength in dollar index and bond yields. Earlier, due to positive commentary on Fed's rate cut, the price touched  a new all time high (all time high rates ogf gold) .

Gold and silver prices in domestic market

If you are thinking of buying gold, then let us tell you that the price of gold and silver has fallen today. The price of gold on MCX has fallen marginally by Rs 24 to Rs 66165 per 10 grams. 

Earlier on Thursday the rate reached Rs 66943. The price of silver has also fallen by Rs 420. Silver is trading at Rs 74660 per kg on MCX.  

Gold and silver prices also soften on COMEX 

If we talk about COMEX, like the domestic market, gold and silver rates on COMEX are also soft. The price of gold was trading at $ 2176 per ons, which had crossed $ 2200 yesterday. A decline of about 1 percent is also being recorded in the price of silver. The spot rate has come to $24.75 per ons.