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Car Tips: Do not leave these 3 things in the car even by mistake, it will be a blast in summer

Car Tips For Summer: We often leave our multi-purpose items in our car. If something happens by mistake, sometimes we leave the water or beer bottle intentionally, but do you know that doing so can be dangerous. Today in our knowledge section we are drawing the attention of every common man on this issue. Let us know which are the things which should not be left in the car, especially in the summer season, do not make this mistake.

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The Kalamkar News, Digital Desk - As soon as the summer season arrives, every car owner usually has to face the problem of increasing  cabin temperature. In fact, during summer, the  temperature inside the car parked in the sun can  be much higher than the outside temperature. Anyway, in India the temperature goes up to 40 to 45 degree Celsius, which reaches even higher inside the car. In such a situation, you should avoid leaving some things inside the car. Let us tell you about three such things which can explode when the temperature increases.

cigarette lighter

Cigarettes are harmful for health. Therefore, it is suggested that one should not smoke cigarettes. However, if you have a cigarette lighter then avoid keeping it inside the car. Actually, if your car is parked in the sun and there is a lighter kept inside it, then if the temperature increases, the lighter can catch fire. Because it contains fuel, its explosion can cause a serious fire in the car.

power bank

Many people keep power banks with them. Although you may not need a power bank while traveling in a car, it may be needed when you are separated from the car. In such a situation, if you carry a power bank, do not leave it inside the parked car in the sun. Actually, there is a battery in the power bank, which can catch fire and explode due to increase in temperature. This can also become the cause of  car fire.

mobile or laptop

Mobile or laptop should not be left inside the car parked in the sun because these also have batteries inside them, which can catch fire due to increase in temperature  . Due to this, these things can explode and can even set the car on fire. Apart from this, mobiles and laptops are expensive things. If these are left inside the car, the risk of thieves breaking into the car increases.