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Bihar: This city of Bihar will be connected to Purvanchal Expressway at 3 places, travel to Delhi will be easy

Bihar: This year the color of many roads in Buxar will change completely, along with this new highways will also be built. Next year, work on two new four-lane highways will start only from the Purvanchal Expressway side. Complete information about this update will be available in the news below. 

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The Kalamkar, Bihar News: 2024 will be the year of new possibilities in Buxar roads. This year, many roads in Buxar will be completely changed, and new highways will also be built. Next year, work on two new four-lane highways for the district will be expedited from the Purvanchal Expressway alone. 

It is also possible that the work of widening the Buxar-Mohaniya Highway and building a four-lane bypass outside Buxar city will start. The old Bhojpur-Dumraon-Bikramganj-Nasriganj-Daudnagar-Gaya-Biharsharif highway will also be widened, so that construction of bypass road outside Dumraon can start.

Similarly, with the widening of Asha Padri-Niyajipur-Gangauli Highway, it will be easier to go from Diara area towards Uttar Pradesh. 

The condition of Chausa-Kochas state highway is also expected to improve in the new year. Also, small villages and hamlets are expected to get metalled roads through the Rural Works Department.

Two agencies are looking after the work of National Highway-

Two separate bodies are maintaining the four national highways passing through the district. Plans for the development of three of these highways are in the process of being implemented. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways takes care of every National Highway. 

The highways are maintained by two agencies of this ministry. The work of Patna-Buxar NH 922 is under the responsibility of National Highway Authority of India. Similarly, the Road Construction Department of the state government maintains Bhojpur-Dumraon-Daudnagar Highway 120 and Buxar-Chausa-Mohaniya Highway 319A.

NH 319A is being built in two parts. The construction of a 45 kilometer two-lane road from Mohania to Chausa is still going on. In the second part of CNR, a four-lane road will be built between Chausa and Buxar. The route starts from Patna-Buxar NH 922, south of Buxar city, crossing the Buxar-Itadhi Road near Kathkauli village.