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AC Side Effects: Eat AC air all day long in summer? So these 4 disadvantages may arise from giving and receiving

Air Conditioner Side Effects: The heat is continuously increasing in the country. The summer season in the country is quite troublesome. In such a situation, as the temperature increases, air conditioners (AC harmful effects) and coolers become the first choice of people in the market. Nowadays, whether it is office during the day or home in the evening, we like to stay in AC all the time. But let us tell you, staying in such a condition all day can prove to be dangerous for you (Tips for AC). Let us know about its huge losses in the news-

side effects of ac

Breaking News, Digital Desk: Thanks to air conditioner, you definitely get relief from the harsh and scorching heat (Harmful effects of AC), but if you spend most of your time in an AC room or car, then it is absolutely good for health. Not there. Let us know what its disadvantages can be. 

dry mouth

The air of the air conditioner is excessively dry (Harmful effects of AC), due to which the mouth may become dry and irritation may occur. 

dehydration problem 

AC makes the moisture present in the room disappear, which causes thirst and can lead to dehydration (Dehydration due to AC), so keep drinking water in between.

problems like headache

People who spend excessive time in an air conditioned room may face problems like headache (Air conditioner side effects). Therefore the temperature of AC should be kept normal.

fatigue and weakness

People who always sit in air conditioned rooms and cars day and night have to face more fatigue and weakness (how AC damages body) than other people.